Cleaning Services Reston, VA

The Only Cleaning Service Suitable for Reston

Cleaning Services Reston, VALook as you may, you will not find anyone in Reston who outcleans The Maids - that’s our guarantee. From residences to office places to the homes of your elderly relatives, The Maids provide more than a mere dusting.

Our respectable and timely 4-person teams enter your homes with the simple goal of restoring its beauty. They tackle every surface - from the lowest floors to the highest ceilings - and leave only when the work is done.

Put simply, you need a maid service like this if you’re going to live in Reston.

Reston, VA: A Place for Leisure

When Reston was founded in 1964, the first of its guiding principles was “that the widest choice of opportunities be made available for the full use of leisure time.” Fifty years later, the town does not disappoint.

There is no shortage of things to do when you live here. Between the Reston Zoo, Lake Fairfax Park, and Reston’s highly walkable Town Center, the last thing you want to do with your leisure time is clean the house. That’s why you have The Maids.

Housekeeping That You’ll Want to Tell Your Friends About

The services offered by The Maids are extensive and thorough. Each of the four members on your home’s team have specific objectives, ensuring that no spot is left unscrubbed. Their housecleaning roles are as follows:

  • Kitchen duty - cleans all of your cabinets, appliances, and countertops
  • Bathroom duty - hygienically sanitizes the counters, floors, and all the yucky places, too
  • Floors - vacuums with a superhero-style backpack vacuum cleaner, complete with HEPA filtration
  • Details - gets the light switches, baseboards, lamp shades, curtains, and other easily forgotten places

After our Reston housekeeping restores your lovely home, you’ll find it hard to keep from joining the thousands of clients who would refer us to their friends and family.

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