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Maids Corporate – While we are a locally owned and run franchise, we follow the highest service standards set by our corporate office. For more information about The Maids, visit

The Maids is a tight knit community of proud business owners all over the country and we are proud to be part of that community.  The following is a few Maids websites that we think you'd be interested in visiting.

The Maids Charleston, SC – located in the heart of South Carolina, the maid service in Charleston is an award-winning maids franchise. Throughout the years, they have grown their business on making their organization a fun, stable and rewarding experience for all the employees, and it shows in the quality of the work they provide to the customers.

The Maids Raleigh – serving North Carolina's capital city, the maid service in Raleigh has recently switched ownership and now is run by Wes Dunn.

The Maids Minneapolis – since 2003, they have been providing the highest quality cleaning services to the Minneapolis area residents. If you know someone who is in search for a reliable cleaning service in the area, suggest they use the maid service in Minneapolis.

The Maid Service in Worcester believes in making a good impression on every customer. 14 years of ownership has been dedicated to a quality-conscious, supportive work environment for happy staff and customers in the Worcester, Concord, and Shrewsbury areas of Massachusetts.


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