As part of your pre-arranged regulary scheduled (weekly/every other week) service, you were put on your team's schedule.  If you need to cancel a regular cleaning, please call 48 business hours before your cleaning so that we can schedule another home.  With everyone's hectic schedule these days, this has become a common occurrence with our customers than it has been in the past.

     The situation not only costs us financially, but also wreaks havoc with our scheduling.  The teams look forward to a full day of work and we like to provide that consistently.  If you do not notify us in time, we reserve the right to charge a $50 last minute cancellation fee.  If we are locked out of your home on cleaning day, we charge a $50 lock-out fee. 

     We do our best to contact our customers the business day before their pre-arranged cleaning.  This service is provided as a courtesy.  If you have set up regular service, then you will automatically have a standing appointment for the pre-arranged cleaning day.

Here Are Some Things You Should Know...

*  Accidents are unavoidable and may occasionally occur in a home.

*  We are insured and willing to replace or pay for any item that we break through our carelessness or negligence.  Our supervisors are trained to document existing damages and irregularities prior to cleaning.  This is called a pre-inspection.  If damage occurs during a cleaning because of negligence, it is documented.  The supervisor completes a written report and phones the office.  Usually, a note will be left for the customer if we are unable to reach you by phone. 

We suggest that irreplaceables be kept in a safe, secure place.  Make sure all wall hangings are securely hung!  If you have any fragile or unstable items, it would be helpful to have them marked, "DO NOT TOUCH."  According to our insurance company, we are liable only for our negligence.  Employees are terminated for NOT reporting damage.

If you encounter a questionable circumstance, please contact our office immediately!  703-691-7999

We will not accept responsibility for any allegations if not reported to us within 24 hours of service.

*  We try hard to please, but there are some things we cannot do.  One is to make an exact appointment.  Like most other service companies that visit other homes during the day, schedules change due to last minute cancellations or other homes taking longer to complete.  If you wish, we can give you an approximate time and have the supervisor notify you if something changes during the day.  NOTE:  We urge you to give us a key in case you are called away.

*  When a door is closed to a room, that is a generic indication that you do want that room cleaned.

*  Your cleaning is based on a regular schedule.  If you skip a cleaning or adjust your cleaning frequency, we reserve the right to collect additional money for the extra time it takes to detail your home due to additional build up.

*  If you would like our teams to use one of your cleaning products, you must get prior approval through management.  We want to adhere to all OSHA rules and regulations to ensure the safety of our employees.  The team may not know how to properly use your product. 

*  Also go through management to get approval on any projects, large or small.  That is, anything not listed in our 22-item task list.  We need to schedule additional projects in advance in order to better control the schedule for that day. 

Our goal is to provide the best cleaning service possible.  If there is anything that you think we can do better, do not hesitate to call us at 703-691-7999.

 We, at THE MAIDS, deeply appreciate your patronage... THANK YOU!

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